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Velocity Gas Air and Filtration offer Parker Domnick Hunter branded Filtration and Nitrogen generation solutions for industrial and laboratory processes. Solutions we offer include Domnick hunter filtration systems for compressed air, wine clarification and stabilization, sterile gas, steam as well as offering a range of process chilling products. Our specialty however is on-site Nitrogen generation.  Our latest offering is the new NITROSource nitrogen gas generator. With unique design and advanced energy saving technology at its core the market leading NITROSource nitrogen generator requires less compressed air to generate more nitrogen.

Together with substantially lower servicing costs, reduced downtime and a longer working life, it adds up to the most cost-efficient nitrogen supply available; significantly more affordable than traditional sources, and delivering huge savings over the lifetime of the generator.

The Parker range of nitrogen generators is well known within the industry for its superior, time tested performance and has a network of proven installations at various winery’s around the country. Velocity offer on-site sales and service backup for all parker and domnick hunter products Australia wide.

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