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 Touch Screen Gas Mixer

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The “PCU10 Mix” Gas Mixer is designed to produce high-precision, consistent gas mixtures from up to four component gasses. It is suitable for a large number of technical applications, such as glass processing, burner control, laboratory and medical applications. It is ideal for applications with low gas consumption levels where high mixing precision is required.
The gas mixer PCU10 Mix incorporates fully electronic thermal flow regulators which guarantees high precision, stable control and consistent reproducibility. The system is specifically designed to operate on the lowest gas withdrawal rates whilst maintaining the highest degree of mixing accuracy.

  • Rapid compensation for disturbance variables and reaction to set value changes through inline measurement directly in the gas flow utilizing new CMOS sensor technology
  • High mixing accuracy and consistency
  • Choice of freely programmable recipes /mixes
  • Optimized gas consumption ensures low operating costs
  • Handles mixed gas withdrawal rates from a few ml/min to m³/h, depending on the model
  • Reliable reproducibility of the process parameters
  • High long time stability by compensating for disturbance variables such as changes in pressure, temperature and process
  • Quality and cost control by recording the exact flow rates of the individual gases
  • Optional MODBUS and/or Profibus interface for easy integration with modern control systems
  • No buffer tank necessary
  • Various premixes no longer necessary
  • Elaborate installation work is eliminated
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Clearly legible display
  • Low maintenance
  • Considerably reduced construction costs
  • Less space is required
  • Permanent control of the set nominal values
  • No buffer tank necessary
  • Various premixes no longer necessary
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Password protected access to all adjustable parameters in order to protect the device settings
  • Totally unaffected by fluctuations in inlet pressure
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